Creative Solution Architect. A term used to define a person who likes to use creativity to solve general problems and find creative solutions to them. Another term that can just as easily be used is Expert Generalist, a term used to denote someone who has a wide variety of skills in a number of areas that can be used in many different circumstances.
Some things about me


I am a serious amateur photographer with a good 10 years of experience behind me. I am not a studio portrait photographer, preferring instead more spontaneous images, photowalk pictures, and still life photos.

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Wood Working

Wood working - in particular, wood carving and pyrography (wood burning) - is a hobby of mine. My primary focus is on carving “little people,” or 4-5 inch tall figurines. I’ve also completed two complete chess sets!

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Game Design

Last year I started designing tabletop games. The first game I started in earnest is still in progress. Simultaneously I began working on other games for my family and have slowly begun to branch out into video games.

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