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About Victor


Formerly a 16 year I.T. professional, I have recently resolved to get back in touch with my more base, creative side and devote myself to photography, game design, and general creativity.


As a photographer I specialize in family and fine art photography. I like to capture the moment “as is” and portray the emotion of that moment. Family photography is all about capturing fleeting moments and saving them for the future.

Game Designer

As a parent I feel that children should be encouraged to play games that are not electronic – I call them either “tabletop” or “analogue” games, respectively. I have begun design games with the family in mind, ranging from games for younger children, to middle school, and high school children. The best part about having children while designing games is that they get to assist in designing them!

Creative Solution Architect

One thing that having four children has taught me is that there is never only one solution for any particular question. Many times the most fun creative solutions are those from questions that are not even asked: have a backyard without grass and not much sunlight? Instead of trying to grow grass, perhaps turn the yard into an outdoor art gallery, or put down some pavement and make it a small basketball court. Everyone can be creative; all it takes is a spark to get the flames roaring.

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Victor Wiebe: A drop after the rain. 

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