Photo 365 or Photo 12

January 24 - The Corvette
“Photo 365″ projects – a project where one undertakes to take one photograph a day for 365 straight days – are a common project for both established photographers and new photographers alike to undertake. They are typically performed during a calendar year, from January 1...
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Frogs of War: Prototype 3

It took longer than I expected, but I finally have my third prototype for Frogs of War ready! It took a lot of paper, a lot of transparencies, undoubtedly a lot of laser printer toner, and a lot of time and patience!
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Lightpainting I

January 10 - Light Painting I
So this is a photography technique that I have wanted to try for quite some time. It is called “Lightpainting” and involves the use of a camera (obviously), a very small aperture, BULB setting, and a flashlight. I have now taken two lightpainted photos in...
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Necessary Photography Equipment to Start

You’re just starting out in photography. You know you want to take nice, good photographs that your family and friends will be proud of not just not but for the future when your children look back over their life. “These images, these pictures,” you think...
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Monthly Project Planner for Creative Activities

We are now 4 days into 2015 and I am fairly certain that a large number of people have resolved to become more organised this coming year. While organisation can mean any of a number of things (“organising the house,” “organise my clothes,” “put a...
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Gallery by Candlelight

I am a big fan of candlelight photos. I enjoy many types of low-light photographs, but in particular I enjoy lighting scenes with one or two candles and finding the best illumination point. These are, often, not point and click photographs by any stretch and...
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The Makings of a Good Photograph

2012-06-15 16.25.52
What makes a good image? That is, what makes any one particular photograph a good photograph? Conversely, what makes any particular photograph a bad photograph? In a collective sense, what makes any one photograph better than any other photograph? Is it aesthetics? The camera that...
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Why Photograph

In general, the act of photography serves one of three basic purposes: Photography can be used as an art form; Photography can be used for a documentary purpose; Photography can be used for the sake of historical records. This is not to say that any photographer...
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Stuff the Stocking!

Stuff the Stocking - Small
This year I have decided to create a game for my family for Christmas. My current plan is to create a new game every year. This was inspired in part by a challenge I participated in at Halloween to create a game specifically from parts...
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Merry Christmas – 2014

Merry Christmas! It is time for my family’s annual Christmas video. This year has a special double feature! First is our traditional song and dance and following is a 10 minute “silent” movie entitled Darth Claus. Our first video contains two of our favouries, the first...
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What I’m Up To

Victor Wiebe:

Comments: 0January 31, 2015 2:20 am

Victor Wiebe: Remember in Avengers, during the invasion of New York, when Captain America stood on top of a car and beat holy hell out of the Chitauri? 

This isn't a recreation of that moment, but it is a Captain America standing on top of a car. In particular, it's a pencil topper Captain America placed on top a model car. I can see the Chitauri quaking in fear right now.

Comments: 0January 27, 2015 2:47 am

Victor Wiebe:

Comments: 0January 26, 2015 2:44 am

Victor Wiebe:

Comments: 0January 25, 2015 3:43 am

Victor Wiebe:

Comments: 0January 19, 2015 2:52 am