Creative Solution Architect


Game Design

I am a big fan of desktop, or tabletop, games. Mobile and video games are fun as well, but there is still nothing quite like sitting down with the family to enjoy a fun board game. It is a goal of mine to help bring traditional games back into the household by not only designing new games, but by designing them with my family. This serves the triple purpose of project oriented learning with the children, designing a game with them, and then getting to play it!

Frogs of War Games


Photography is an art, whether it is done with a film camera, digital camera, mobile device, or other. It is a great past time and one that I enjoy very much.
Mobile photography is just as revolutionary as any other mass art device, such as the phonograph or radio. I am a very big fan of mobile photography for just that purpose, and have a site dedicated to it.

Initials Gallery

Information Technologist and Leadership

The proverbial day job. I have been involved in Information Technology (IT) in some capacity for the better part of 20 years. I'm good at it. I've spoken at user conferences, built key business processes to accommodate rapid growth, and am now build a Network Operations Centre from the ground up. IT has great synergies with creativity: there is never just any one way to solve any problem, and finding the best method to bring together multiple technologies - and then re-use them other areas - is a very creative process.


Creative Solutions

Creativity is the ability to devise new and novel ideas to create new solutions or improvements to current ideas. My image of this cat, for instance, is a creative use of full zoom on a camera phone to create the appearance of an oil painting. Creativity allows us the ability to perceive new in the old and to look to the future.